Saturday, May 26, 2012

Light Therapy - No Pills Pain Relief

Speed healing time

through Calm Relief, LLC.

Experience the benefits of Light Therapy!

Are you having joint/muscle pain, inflammation, stiffness or difficulty sleeping?
Light therapy will surprise you! Try it by itself or combine it with a massage. You may also purchase this NASA researched triple technology FDA approved light through http://www.Calm or call 407-756-4947.
It Utilizes three technologies in one unit - Far Infrared, red LED's, Hz Frequency.
Light Therapy has been known to provide combined benefits to:
1.  increase blood flow with Far Infrared warming/expanding clogged capillaries, relaxing muscles
2. increase cell growth, DNA, & protein synthesis for tissue repair - Red LED's Light Emitting Diodes
3. reduce healing time using Hertz Frequency. This encourages the lymph system to pump and start clearing trapped inflammation water waste, breaking down and moving debris.
This is FDA approved technology NASA Light-Emitting Diode Technology Brings Relief in Clinical Trials-NASA news Nov 13 2003. Research, by Dr.'s. Whelan Wong-Riley and Eells, at the Medical College of Wisconsin has been completed for LED arrays.
Light Kit includes: Video, Award winning sleep music CD, hands free strap, and instruction sheet.Only through Calm Relief do you receive the easiest way to use the unit with a special label, indicating function per setting, exposure times, and a complimentary timer. Ida M. said,"You've made it so easy. It's like Light for Dummies!"  Buy it from a licensed company with experience using it on others and self care.  Calm Relief participates in a case study program for the treatment of others.  Lic # MM18457

Monday, May 14, 2012

Structural Cranial Balancing (SCB)

Long term stress causes imbalances, which create a domino effect from muscle and organ tension to posture changes. These can be seen down the road as a forward neck and shoulder posture from slouching, as one example.

The pictures in the link show other examples of mid and lower body imbalances. Also, click this link for a list of many conditions helped by Structural Cranial Balancing .

Many medical conditions add stress to the body such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fybromyalgia, scoliosis, arthritis, herniated or degenerative disc  disease, or TMJ dysfunction. Internal adhesions may develop from an auto accident, surgery, or other trauma.

Stress may be physical, emotional or mental fatigue. Depression and lack of energy may accompany many medical conditions.

Nerve tension from the cranium down through the spinal column can cause holding patterns, which effect your posture (structure) and create dysfunction. By working with the joints and soft tissue of the cranium or skull, a release of inflammation and nerve tension takes place. 

There is a relationship and a communication between the top and bottom of the spine (cranial and sacral). Three bones in the sacral area mirror the motion of three bones in the cranium.

Releasing stress in the cranium causes a balance in the sacral region and a release of the core structural imbalance restrictions.

It may take a few 90 minute sessions to get your body in balance, but the result is long lasting.  Each session is divided between work on the cranium and therapeutic massage for the compensating soft tissue.

A brief phone interview is needed to see if SCB is right for your or your loved ones.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

No Pain, No Gain - Half Truth!

This concept was adopted in gyms and sports arenas. It has also been applied incorrectly as a general belief to areas where it is not so true. In an exerted exercise work-out the muscles rip on a microscopic level. They hurt a little. Following the repetitive motion, the muscle memory keeps pumping lactic acid in the muscles. When insufficient or no stretching follows a hard work-out, excess lactic acid builds up in the muscle causing pain! The pain from the excess lactic acid is greater than the microscopic muscle rip. Did you know that stretching after a work-out is also a trigger to turn off excess lactic acid production in muscles? The cool down starts this process to slow down lactic acid production. Therefore, proper repeated stretching following a work out will allow you to be slightly uncomfortable the next day. It is possible to have no soreness the day after a work-out. Surprising isn’t it? That’s one change of perspective.

“Active Isolated Stretching, “assisted by a trained professional releases toxins and congestion, from the muscles. It also warms the fascia or web-like connective tissue for greater flexibility. When you find the massage therapist or a medical professional that knows these techniques and others, you may experience a calm relief.

Most people think to relieve tension in painful areas that it has to hurt during a therapeutic massage. That is also not true. Some massage therapist use bodywork methods that allow the muscle to release the tension without force. One method is called, “myofascial sustained release”. In this method of working with muscle memory, the therapist forms a pocket of comfort where the tension is located. After sustaining that position for awhile, this triggers the proprioceptors in the muscle structure to release the tension naturally, without pain. The method may have other names, too.

Licensed massage therapist MaryAnne Palumbo’s style is a medical result with a spa feel. She can be reached by calling 407-756-4947.MA38837

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

7 Tips for sciatica sufferers – Prevent Additional Pain

1. Sleep with a pillow under your knees when on your back.
2. When sleeping on your side, put a thin pillow between
your bent knees.
3. Avoid sleeping on your stomach.
4. Always keep your knees bend while resting.
Especially avoid using an Ottoman with your legs straight.
5. Avoid repetitive leg exercises: i.e. leg presses, etc.
6. Sit on an ice cold gel pack for 15 minutes. Place it right on
the bone where you sit. There needs to be fabric between
your skin and the cold pack.
7. Call MaryAnne Palumbo, Licensed Massage Therapist MA38837
407-756-4947 or another medical professional.

Sciatica Stretch

Sciatica Stretch to reduce inflammation
(aka Piriformis-hip rotator Muscle Stretch)
If this stretch causes any pain – STOP!
Call a doctor.

1. Use a frozen gel pack and sit on it – right on the sitting bone.
There needs to be fabric between your skin and the gel pack.
Sit on it for approximately 15 minutes before step 2.
2. While seated, take the foot (of the aching leg or hip) and rest
it on the other knee Indian or Yoga style
3. Keep that angle with the hurting leg.
4. Inhale
5. Slowly exhale, while lifting the foot up until you feel a gentle pull.
(not pain)
Hold it for 6 seconds while continuing to exhale slowly.
6. Repeat this stretch up to 6 times and do several times per day.
However, the key is slowly!
7. Schedule and appointment with MaryAnne Palumbo,
8. Licensed Massage Therapist 407-756-4947

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Calm Relief Press Release

Deeper Connectedness: Empowering marriages through intimate moments

Aimed at making the home environment and oasis from stress, kinesthetic workshop will ensue November 2009 near, but not limited to Orlando, Florida. Husbands and wives can now take a conservative, faith-based seminar with other couples learning the art of stress relieving, relaxation massage. No professional equipment is needed. Modest casual clothing is appropriate for this hands-on workshop in organizations and churches. Defining which strokes to use, when and why they are needed, and how to master the right touch is part of the teaching by MaryAnne Palumbo, Licensed Massage Therapist and educator. Following the demonstrations, MaryAnne walks around the room providing coaching for the couples during their practice time. Her book and DVD, Empowering Marriages Through Intimate Moments; A Guide to Relaxation Massage will be released in mid November to December for at home use.

In our stressed, fast-paced, society quality time in a marriage is almost a thing of the past. According to a poll of 4500 parents by Holiday Inn, “the average couple with children manage a mere 15 minutes a day of ‘quality time’ together and that’s in bed” per Mail Online News Report. “Quality time takes effort. It doesn’t just happen because you and your spouse are in the same room together. It means doing something extra that is not required”, says Jack Perry, an online UK reporter.
The idea for a workshop and video was inspired by Pastor Daniel Mullins, who knew this would empower marriages with a deeper connectedness; provide a comfortable environment of trust, while offering an opportunity to spend social time with other couples.

The pilot workshop was recorded on video, edited and used as one minute video commercials. A picture is worth a thousand words. To view one of them visit the home page of MaryAnne Palumbo is a former clinic director for American Institute of Massage Therapy in Pompano Beach, Florida and a member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. She was a music teacher at Henry D. Perry Middle School in Miramar, FL and Northwest Christian Academy in Miami. She holds a Bachelor of Music in Education degree from Grace College in Indiana. As the founder of Calm Relief in Maitland, FL, her practice provides wellness massage, detoxification, education, and spa services. MaryAnne has a passion for those experiencing high stress to see them experience the power of touch and calm relief.

MaryAnne Palumbo,
Licensed Massage Therapist, Lic # MA38837 MM18457

Thursday, September 17, 2009

September Specials

There are two NEW things at Calm Relief this month. 1) Here's a new video clip for you to watch. Just click on the first link to the left, called "Learn to Give Massage". 2) There's a new type of service for you. "The Sleep Enhancer".
A deep relaxation NEW EXPERIENCE awaits you!
You'll feel light and free. It's called The Sleep Enhancer Back Massage. This newest form of a technique called, "Cupping" will bring relaxation to a new level for you.


30 minutes of Sleep Enhancer Back Massage. You feel lighter and more rested with this deep relaxation! Mmmm . . .
(Upgrade it! Includethe neck and shoulders for an added $5 during the 30 minutes)

Offer expires Sept 30th, 2009

"I had the most wonderful deep sleep after your new service. I love it and want more." Christine W.

Whether you are interested in one visit or more, Calm Relief can design a program for your progressive improvement. Calm Relief provides you with Wellness Massage, Detoxification and Spa Services.


Mary Anne Palumbo
Licensed Massage Therapist
Owner, Calm Relief Massage Therapy MM18457 MA33837
1515 S. Orlando Ave, Suite H, Maitland, FL 32751